Tyshaun Crewe is a 7th Grade student at CCA who loves everything annoying. Tyshaun can either be super nice or super evil depending on how his day is going. Tyshaun pretty much annoys every one he comes into contact with and isnt usually very friendly. Tyshaun could be very intelligent, beeing able to read a 300 page book in 1 day. When told he doesnt live up to his potential in school he replies: "Yeah, thats what they all tell me". Tyshaun has many frenimies and a few real friends.


Tyshaun claims to have a bunch of things he is able to do including:






Piano Playing

It is unknown if he can do any of that stuff


Joshua ShearinEdit

Joshua is Tyshaun's best friend and wingman. Joshua and Tyshaun breifly fought verbally over Naomi Key until she decided to go out with Tyshaun again. Joshua and Tyshaun have since became very close even though they wont admit it.

Christian VaughnEdit

Christian is Tyshaun's former love intrest who later is replaced by her friend Naomi Key. She doesnt like him. It is rumored that he keeps a shrine to christian in his closet.

Naomi KeyEdit

Naomi is Tyshaun's ex-girlfriend even though he still has strong feelings for her. She is shown to have these same feelings for him. Tyshaun is crazy in love with Naomi writing 6 songs for her. He even said to a teacher that he wanted to be with her forever.

Devin LockettEdit

Even though he picks on Devin, Tyshaun considers them to be close friends since Devin gives Tyshaun advice about his problems.

Naomi is