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Naomi is a 7th grade girl who is very pretty. She is usually nice unless someone says something about her, then she is mean.


Naomi is very good at these things



being someone's girlfriend


Tyshaun CreweEdit

Tyshaun is Naomi's ex-boyfriend who she might still like, even though he called her a female dog. He has claimed to be in love with her to which Naomi said "Well I kinda like Josh and You". Naomi might love Tyshaun beacuse he catches her staring and flirting with him.

Joshua ShearinEdit

Joshua is Naomi's ex-boyfriend who does'nt like her anymore. She is torn between him and his friend Tyshaun, even starting a fight between the 2. She didnt seem to feel bd when that ended their friendship.

Sadie TuckEdit

Sadie is Naomi's best friend who she talks to everyday. Sadie doesnt approve of Naomi's relationsip with Joshua or Tyshaun saying that "Joshua is to full of himself and Tyshaun is just to weird".