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Joshua is the most popular 6th or 7th grader in the school and he knows it. Joshua is usually a jerk on purpose usually being men to his friends and girlfriend. Joshua is extremelly funny and can make any situation seem hilarious.


Joshua has a wide variety of skills including: Basketball Guitar




Tyshaun CreweEdit

Tyshaun is Joshua's best friend and rival. They usually hang out when there not arguing about some girl there fighting over. The 2 have grown very close even though they wont admit it.

Christian VaughnEdit

Christian is Joshua's ex-girlfriend and might still have a crush on him.

Naomi KeyEdit

Naomi is Joshua's ex-girlfriend who is torn between him and his best friend Tyshaun Crewe. She obviously still likes him but she likes his friend too.

Tiffany GibsonEdit

Tiffany is Joshua's ex-girlfriend even though he still has feelings for her. Joshua has claimed to be in love with Tiffany. Whether that is true or not is still in question.

Devin LockettEdit

Devin is Joshua's friend who he talks about wrestling with.